High manganese non-magnetic hard wearing steel

High manganese non-magnetic hard wearing steel

High manganese non-magnetic hard wearing steel speciality

It belongs to Fe-Mn-Al-C series of austenitic metal materials. The chemical composition determines the electromagnetic properties (permeability), stable structure, excellent mechanical properties, low permeability and high resistivity, and the eddy current loss in the magnetic field is extremely small , Cutting, welding, drilling, bending, etc. in processing are as easy as ordinary steel. Compared with stainless steel, it not only reduces material costs, improves product performance, but also saves processing costs. When the magnetic field intensity is 16000A/m (200 Oersteds), the magnetic permeability of non-magnetic steel μ≤1.319×10-6 H/m (1.05 high/Aust), the magnetic permeability of stainless steel μ=1.339×10- 6H/m (1.1 high / Austria). The austenitic stainless steel is slightly magnetic after cold working. Typical non-magnetic steel includes 25% Ni steel, high manganese non-magnetic steel containing 12-18% Mn, such as 14Mn series, 18Mn series and 25Mn series, as well as 18Cr-8Ni series austenitic stainless steel and Ni-C; Cr-Mn series austenitic steel, etc. As a new material of non-magnetic steel, high manganese austenitic steel has excellent performance.


High manganese non-magnetic hard wearing steel Application

Widely used in large and medium-sized transformers, electromagnets, and other non-magnetic structural materials